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WHITE - A2 PLAIN FOLDER Card - 80 lb cover - 50 PK

CC-whtfolder A2

Looking for Folded Cards, A2-Insert (4-1/4-x-5-1/2) found in the White Color Group --Other Folded Cards. Also, jump to our popular help pages for paper help. (To make a successful paper selection, it is important to have a brief understanding of text weight and cover weight papers.) AND envelope help (It is important to remember that inserts must always be smaller than the envelope dimensions.)

Other  (1) Folded Cards Available at PaperPapers
Other  (1) Folded Cards Available at PaperPapers

Find Commodities A2-Insert Folded Cards

Lovely Folded Cards associated to White Color Group, Commodities, Other. Our PaperPapers sku is: CC-whtfolder A2 -- This product listing is selling as 50 per package.

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More Information
Product type Folded Cards
Oversize or Cutting Fee to be applied No
Brand Other
Color Range White Color Group
Manufacturer PPS
Package Quantity 50 per package
Size A2-Insert (4-1/4-x-5-1/2)
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