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Meet our New FAVINI ART!

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Favini, an Italian paper Mill breaking the barriers of the normal paper making process. Pushing the limits with trend setting techniques using re-purposed pulp and reducing waste, the upcycle solution. Boasting of quality paper lines such as CRUSH and REMAKE. Favini paper mill has designed a way to manufacture while making our world a better place.

Crush Up-cycled Papers

Crush is appropriately named by its process of crushing organic waste from fruits and nuts - it produces a great quality fiber finish paper with quality weights and lovely shades. ReMake is a premium product made from an up-cycling process of fibers from the leather good industry. This is a durable and elegant line of paper offering many versatile uses. Both of these trend setting paper lines represent an amazing eco solution and paving a way for our future. Read more about the amazing Crush up-cycle back-story - Great paper and great technology that leads with an earth-friendly approach.

Stunning Paper for a Brighter Future,
Upcycle life with Crush and ReMake Papers

At PaperPapers, we are committed to supporting you with the highest quality paper products. We have partnered with the Favini Paper Mill in Italy to provide eco-friendly solutions for local companies and designers as well as customers around the world. These unique paper lines add value to your project with impeccable, fashion-forward design and innovative recycling technology.

Discover Crush

Looking for premium paper with a compelling backstory? Crush utilizes organic, non-GMO produce to reduce waste and create a luxurious product. The byproducts and waste from citrus fruits, grapes, cherries, lavender, corn, olives, coffee, kiwi fruits, hazelnuts, and almonds are added to the paper pulp in order to replace costly traditional wood pulp from trees.

This up-cycled paper is available in ten different colors with a luxurious, earthy texture that is perfect for a large variety of design projects, especially food and wine industries. Build up and embrace your brand’s focus on sustainability by tying your story to real ingredients in the paper.

Upcycling Savings

  • Crush reduces carbon emissions by 20% compared to traditional methods
  • Organic produce waste is used to replace and save 15% of typical tree pulp
  • The recycled paper is manufactured with 40% post-consumer recycled waste
  • At the end of the life span, Crush is 100% biodegradable and recyclable
Recycled Crush Paper

Discover ReMake

Explore Remake

Discover ReMake

Enjoy the social and eco benefits of recycled paper without compromising on style. Remake is one of the most innovative upcycling paper recycling designs to date. The Italian paper mill utilizes Italian leather byproducts to reduce waste in place of traditional wood pulp. The subtly textured surface showcases the upcycled leather pulp additive with a remarkably soft, velvety feel.

Many luxury fashion brands, including Vivienne Westwood and Louis Vuitton, have selected the European Paper Recycling Award 2017 winner, Remake for their shopping bags, tags, and boxes. The silky paper is available in six contemporary colors to suit a wide range of applications.

ReMakes Upcycling Savings

  • We forecast that Remake reduces carbon emissions by 25% compared to traditional methods (LCA work in progress)
  • Upcycled Italian leather byproducts replace and save 25% of typical tree pulp
  • The recycled paper is manufactured with 40% post-consumer recycled waste
  • At the end of the life span, Remake is 100% biodegradable and recyclable

The Favini Difference


Crush and Remake paper lines have won multiple prestigious international awards in design, recycling, and green innovation since 2012.


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification ensures that your paper is made with environmentally sustainable and socially responsible methods.

Green Energy

Remake and Crush are produced with 100% sustainable green energy and unavoidable emissions are counteracted with restorative carbon credits

Meet ReMake Papers

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