Favini, an Italian paper Mill breaking the barriers of the normal paper making process. Pushing the limits with trend setting techniques using re-purposed pulp and reducing waste. Boasting of quality paper lines such as CRUSH and ReMake. Favini paper mill has designed a way to manufacture while making our world a better place.

Crush is appropriately named by its process of crushing organic waste from fruits and nuts - it produces a great quality fiber finish paper with quality weights and lovely shades. ReMake is a premium product made from an up-cycling process of fibers from the leather good industry. This is a durable and elegant line of paper offering many versatile uses. Both of these trend setting paper lines represent an amazing eco solution and paving a way for our future.

Read more about Crush and its amazing back-story - Great paper and great technology that leads with an earth-friendly approach.

Brands by Favini
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