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We are listing this convenient 'Quick List' of weights which include grammage (GSM).
As you will notice the GSM is a consistent number running smaller to larger regardless of the paper basis.
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Common mistake.... 

I have a great piece of 80lb cover, yet I'd like to get a paper that is a little bit sturdier (or thicker). I see the 90lb index and I assume that this new paper I'm ordering is going to be thicker and sturdier. As you can see by the chart below, the 90lb index will be slightly thinner and less sturdy compared to my 80lb cover. I am so glad I made this realization before I ordered my new paper.

1) 20lb Bond/Writing/Ledger 75 gsm 1,5 same weight
2) 24lb Bond/Writing/Ledger 90 gsm 2,6 same weight
3) 28lb Bond/Writing/Ledger 105 gsm 3,7 same weight
4) 32lb Bond/Writing/Ledger 120 gsm 4,8 same weight
5) 50lb Book/Text/Offset 75 gsm 5,1 same weight
6) 60lb Book/Text/Offset 90 gsm 6,2 same weight
7) 70lb Book/Text/Offset 105 gsm 7,3 same weight
8) 80lb Book/Text/Offset 120 gsm 8,4 same weight
9) 100lb Text 150 gsm 9,10 similar weight
10) 67lb Bristol 145 gsm 10,9 similar weight
11) 90lb Index 165 gsm 11, 14 similar weight
12) 110lb Index 200 gsm 12, 15 similar weight
13) 140lb Index 255 gsm 13, 16 somewhat similar weight
14) 65lb Cover 175 gsm 14, 11 similar weight
15) 80lb Cover 215 gsm 15, 12 similar weight
16) 100lb Cover 270 gsm 16, 13 somewhat similar weight
17) 130lb Cover 350 gsm no other comparison on this list

Paper weights can be very confusing.  We would like to offer another very general understanding of paper weights below.  This is not technical, but we will associate common weights with everyday items you may come in contact with.  Here at paperpapers.com we deal with two common weights, "TEXT WEIGHT" and "COVER/CARD WEIGHT".  These two identifiers are probably the most important factors when you are purchasing a sheet of paper for your project.  TEXT WEIGHT comes in varying weights, but will have a touch like a 'letterhead' paper you may have in your office.  COVER WEIGHT (CARD WEIGHT / CARDSTOCK) comes in varying weights, but will have a touch like your 'business card' or 'post card' you may have in your office.  Keeping these things in mind, we will list some common weights below. 


20LB Text
- typically used as all-purpose paper, for copying machines, etc.
24/60LB Text - typically used for laser/ink printing and letterheads
28/70LB Text- typically used for letterhead and other important documents
80LB Text - a bit heavier than letterhead paper
(and the weights continue to go up....but this is still 'text weight' paper....don't let the similar weights confuse you with cardstock. Please see table above with additional comparison by using grammage.

57LB Vellum Bristol - typically used as mass mailing postcard (light weight postcard)
67LB Vellum Bristol - typically used as postcards
65LB Cover - typically used as light weight business cards, greeting cards, post cards, etc.
90 LB Index - typically used as light weight business cards, door hangers, post cards, etc.
80LB Cover - typically used for business cards, etc.
89LB Cover - etc.
92LB Cover - etc.
105LB Cover - etc.
110LB Cover - etc.
(and the weights continue to go up, please see table above with additional comparison by using grammage)
Hopefully by now this is starting to make sense.  **Very important example, 80LB is listed in our text category and our cover category, but they are completely different paper. **

Envelopes are most commonly converted from the 'text' weight papers.  Weight is important for many reasons.  Thickness represents a nice quality and durability, but can also add to the weight of your mailing in which you may incur additional postage.  It is important to determine the purpose of your project and potential weight of the complete mailing. 

Are you ready to shop? Now that you understand our papers, thinner => to => thicker, go ahead and browse...

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