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Metallic, cardstock, and business card paper at great prices

Stardream Metallic PaperStardream Metallic Paper

For unmatched shimmer and luster, you have to try our metallic paper. Created by several fine manufacturers, the colors that are available are tremendous and truly eye-catching. As with our card stock paper, the metallics come in an array of color selections from grey to bright red and many other shades. Get creative, and consider the pizzazz that you can add to any correspondence, cards and announcements with these fabulous papers. Spend a few minutes at to see everything that's available. Make your next project come alive by throwing a little metal into the mix!

Cardstock paper is a great standard item and is something you always should have on hand. Its heavier weight gives it a feel of importance and demands that people take notice of whatever is printed upon it. In addition, our selections include a nearly endless range of colors, so you can set any tone from sedate to stunning. Use our cardstocks as a business card paper, for small posters, or anytime you need a heftier printing medium. For personal use, kids always love the vibrant colors for their craft and school projects. Once you have a stock of this item, you'll turn to it again and again for many uses. Take a look at our many color choices, pick a quantity, and order today!

Cardstock PaperCardstock Paper

Your choice of business card paper is more important than you might think. A low-quality choice will feel flimsy and won't wear well when carried in your wallet or pocket. Instead, choose a quality, durable variety that will still look fresh and professional when you hand it to a new contact. We have a wide selection of papers designed just for this purpose, and any one of them will reflect very well on you and your company. Depend on us to keep you supplied with basics such as this, as well as unique offerings such as our metallic paper. We look forward to serving you.

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