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picture of square translucent envelopepicture of square translucent envelope

A special invitation or letter deserves a special mailer. An envelope does much more than provide protection and a wrapping for your correspondence. Specialty envelopes also call attention to your package, calling out "Look at me!" to your intended audience. Whether you're sending invitations to your wedding or are announcing a business grand opening, a unique envelope makes certain that your piece gets pulled out of the stack of paper that most people find in their mailboxes. Opt for one of our colored varieties, translucent envelopes, or a square shape; you are signaling to your intended readers that something unique awaits them. Our envelope and paper choices allow you to coordinate your entire event with a consistent tone and theme, even from your first correspondence or announcement.

Among all the great-looking envelope styles out there, translucent envelopes are among the most unique. The transparent vellum offers just enough hint of what's inside to make your recipient especially interested in seeing more. Use these specialty envelopes to show off an eye-catching logo or piece of artwork or to tease the reader with small hints of the news or event you're announcing.

You'll be pleased to discover that our designs are high quality, yet extremely affordable. You can buy in small or large quantities based upon your needs, so there's no waste. We are committed to bringing fine papers to you and are confident that you'll be back for more. Take a few minutes now to review the tremendous selection at

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