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Stardream Metallics

Manufactured by Intermills Gruppo Cordenons, this exclusive line of Stardream Metallic paper and card stock is a beautiful range of metallic, pearlescent colors.  Created with designers and printers in mind, this text and card stock metallic paper allows for trendy yet professionally sophisticated projects to exude with high-end presentation.

Stardreams are classified by 3 sub-categories which represents a full array of 30+ metallic colors.  We at paperpapers carry all colors supplied to the North American market.  We keep Stardreams stocked at our warehouse in Portage, Indiana and carry the following sizes and weights:
Stardream Folio Cover Sheets - 28.3" x 40.2" – 105lb Cover
Stardream Folio Text Sheets - 28.3" x 40.2" – 81lb Text
Stardream  cut sheets of 8-1/2-x-11 (Letter) – 105lb Cover
Stardream  cut sheets of 8-1/2-x-11 (Letter)– 81lb Text
along with other varieties of cut sizes

By sorting though the 30+ metallic shades, this will then give you 3 separate names which can help you identify and explore the beauty of this metallic family of paper.

  1. Stardream "Traditional" Colors consist of 20+ original shades sharing names with precious stones, along with some new colors that have been introduced yet not sharing the precious stones as their name.
  2. Stardream "Lights" or "Pastels" originated as Stardream Chiara.  The colors listed in the Chiara line shared the same name structure as the Traditional colors, using precious stones. Stardream Chiara is the group of soft, pastel metallics.
  3. Stardream "brights" originated as Stardream Fuse and has a fresh, outdoor naming process.  These are named after popular outdoor natural beauties. Stardream Fuse is the group of bright metallic paper and consists of vibrant color options.
  4. All colors are available in 1 sampler pack - Stardream Metallic Sampler Pack
  5. When it's all said and done, this is simply a gorgeous range of metallic paper with such an extensive color range it makes your job of finding that perfect color, just that much easier.

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