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Cardboard Envelopes in place of Bubble mailer envelopes and other padded mailing envelope supplies

Best protection: cardboard and bubble mailer envelopes

Cardboard and Bubble Mailer EnvelopeSturdy envelopes are a great way to ensure that your item will arrive at its intended destination in good condition. These mailers are designed and sized for many different applications, such as shipments including:

  • Small electronics
  • Pharmaceutical supplies
  • Watches or jewelry
  • Valuable documents
  • Photographs
  • Ceramics or figurines

or anything that can't stand up to crushing, machine handling, and other rough treatment that often are part of the shipment process. A cardboard mailer envelope can be vital to the survival of your item during its journey to the recipient, and a little extra protection never hurts.

Great value: cardboard envelopes

Your packaging and the condition in which a shipment arrives is a reflection on you or your business. No one appreciates seeing a damaged item upon opening the mailing envelope, so why take chances? Bubble envelopes offer an extra measure of assurance that your package will arrive as intended, saving you and your recipient time, money, and frustration. In addition, your customers will be much more likely to rely on you for their future needs if their first shipment arrives intact.


Complete mailing envelope selection

In addition to our bubble mailer envelope choices, we have everything else that you could need in mailing envelope selections including multiple sizes, colors, letterhead imprinting, foil-lined varieties, mini mailers, and more. Visit today to see the full range of what we can offer to you or your business. You'll be amazed at the variety of sizes, styles, and colors that are available at fantastic prices. We are your best online source for all your paper needs.

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