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How to find the cardstock paper for your needs

Quality cardstock paper

Cardstock PaperAt, we have the right kind of stationery to match your needs - for business and office purposes, creative scrap booking, making fantastic invitation and greeting cards, craft projects, catalog covers, note cards and more! You can choose smooth-textured paper or textured, metallic or glossy cardstock paper depending on your requirements. We have the finest quality material made from superior pulp fibers which assure durability and safekeeping.

What makes great cardstock? We make sure our supplies are acid-free, lignin-free and chlorine-free. They have good folding characteristics, clean punch properties and fade-resistant colors. Browse our site to select the color, weight and size of the paper you want to buy. We have an exclusive range of business card paper, along with a select group of manufacturers you can choose from.

Stand out with our business card paper

Make your first impression a lasting one with your business card. This rectangular piece of paper is more than just a place for your name and address. It is a reflection of who you are and the things you are capable of doing. If you plan to start a new business, expand your existing one or are simply between jobs, choose your business card paper after careful consideration. Print on good quality paper and make the right statement with employers, customers and clients. After all, everything lies in the packaging.

Choose from the several brands that we offer at They are available in a variety of finishes- glossy/matte, textured/regular and come in different weights and colors. You are welcome to customize them with matching designs. Cardstock paper makes good nametags, gift tags, place cards and flash cards as well.

Give a thought to the printer you are going to use. Cards with a plain design text need a monochrome laser printer while color designs are compatible with ink jet or color laser printer.

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