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Cutting Fee - Large Sheets (Tier Pricing)

100 % of 100

Stock counts not guaranteed
generally more on order , excluding non-replenish items


Cut sizes larger than 20-inches will also incur OVERSIZE fee (consider cutting to 14x20 or smaller)

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Shopping for Service, 1028 Service. Also, jump to our popular help pages for paper help. (To make a successful paper selection, it is important to have a brief understanding of text weight and cover weight papers.) AND envelope help (It is important to remember that inserts must always be smaller than the envelope dimensions.)

(1) Service Available at PaperPapers
(1) Service Available at PaperPapers

CUTTING FEE - Large Sheets (Tier Pricing)

Full size sheets & all "special cut" items will incur a fee for cutting based on the number of parent sheet (or) $15 Oversize shipment fee.

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This is a fee per paper stock. Orders may be delayed 2+ business days for cutting.

Many of our papers are stocked in different warehouses or may be different parent sizes, so our cutting fee cannot be combined with various paper stocks.

IF a cut 'finished' size is larger than 20-inches on 1-side, the shipment will also incur an oversize fee due to the final size still being classified as "over-size".

NOTE : If ordering "fullsize/parent sheets" of various sizes to be cut down, each size will incur a cutting fee.  Example: 100 sheets of (28 x 40) and 100 sheets of (27 x 39) both to be cut to (8.5 x 14).  2 cutting fees will need to be added.

NOTE FOR SPECIAL CUT: Consider using our "Small Cuts" for items to be taken from 13x19 and smaller

How to handle a FOLIO special cut:

  1. Purchase the paper that you want cut (for example: 100 sheets of Stardreams Onyx cover weight)
  2. Click the Cutting Fee - Large Sheets (Tier Pricing).
  3. Fill in the paper type and the size cut you want (for example: if you want 10x10 cut from the 100 sheets of Onyx paper, you will yield 800 sheets cut to 10X10) - The cut fee is based off 100 parent sheets
  4. For us to best understand your project: In your instructions, tell us your anticipated yield. We try to achieve max yield, if you have grain specification, it is important to inform us as this might impact your yield.
  5. If wanting two different cut sizes from the same parent, two cutting fees need be applied. (example, you purchase 100 sheets and you want us to cut it to 10x10 and you also want some 6x9 from the same sheet. ) For a case such as this, you will be charged 2 cutting fees.
  6. If you purchase different colors of the same size parent, and want them all cut to the same finished size, that would be one cutting fee based on tier. (For example, you purchase 50 sheets of onyx, 50 sheets of ruby, 50 sapphire and you want them all cut to 10x10) This would be one cutting fee for 150 parent sheets and you would be charged $35.
  7. IF a cut 'finished' size is larger than 20-inches on 1-side, the shipment will also incur an oversize fee due to the final size still being classified as "over-size".
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