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Impress with a unique mailing envelope

Mailing, offering creative papers for creative minds, offers discounts for orders over $100, making it easy and affordable to get your hands on our unique mailing envelope selections. Whether you're looking for a clear plastic mailer or a square envelope, we have you covered, with a broad array of products in every price range and for every need. Trying to make an impression with a unique yet affordable wedding invitation? We can hook you up with lovely envelopes that will make people excited to see what's inside. Mailing for a charity to solicit donations? We've got that covered, too. You can't go wrong with paper products from

Get a square envelope for revolutionary mailings

Square EnvelopeOld lingo had people referring to people who were behind the times as "squares". We at don't think that slang holds up anymore, as we have a large selection of square envelope designs within our specialty envelopes that stand out from normal mail. If you're sending some special announcement, you want your mailing to be noticed, and with this type of mailing envelope, you'll definitely be different. When you're trying to make an impression, different is good, and unique is even better.

The paper lover's site

We at are confident in calling ourselves the paper lover's site, a home for the business-minded person with a creative heart. Please browse our site, and order online, mail, or fax in your selections at your convenience. We really are grateful for your business.

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