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Mini envelopes always handy

Mini Envelopes

Mini envelopes are always a great thing to have handy and around. They are a simple way to add a little flair to a packed lunch for your kids, a quick thank you note to your husband, or even a note to your neighbor. The nice thing about mini envelopes is that they are informal enough that you do not need to have special stationery or heavy card stock inside. This both keeps costs down and keeps supplies practical. Their tiny size makes storage easy and unobtrusive. They are a great and quick way of adding some flair to your regular notes around the house or office. Surprise your family or friends with some today!

Colored envelopes stand out in a crowd

Make your gift on the gift table the one that not only looks enticing, but stands out from the rest by using colored envelopes and paper. Get an eye-catching bright color and watch your gift be snatched up first to open. Or, use them to plan your next party and your invitation will never be lost in with the junk mail. A bright blue or pink will jump out at the receiver and you will receive your RSVP in no time! Colored envelopes are a simple, inexpensive way to make your correspondence or gift card stand out from the crowd. At, we get you great discounts on all of your envelope needs! Choose from dozens of styles, from elegant black to translucent envelopes to standard matte colors in every color of the rainbow. If you don't see what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

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