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Creative combinations with cardstock and envelopes

Cardstock And EnvelopesNo matter what the occasion, our selection gives you innumerable creative options for your correspondence needs. Our inventory includes a myriad of paper, cardstock, and envelopes, so you can devise an attractive combination of materials in order to delight the recipient. So, whether you plan on business correspondence, a vast marketing campaign, or a simple greeting card, you can find the proper materials at

Businesses may wish to choose the manila envelope's economy and durability. These qualities have brought the item to a state of ubiquity, as they can withstand the daily toil of business transactions. For those who plan to commence a massive mailing campaign, has choices to make a recipient's excited mouth gape wider than an open mailbox. If you wish to send a personal greeting, perhaps the unique quality of our linen paper, square envelopes or translucent envelopes can add an element of delightful expectation. No matter which you choose, we're confident you'll appreciate the quality of our card envelopes and other products.

Impress with translucent envelopes

An envelope needn't always serve as a passionless sheath devoid of any intention other than to conceal and protect. At times, an envelope can add qualities that can excite the recipient, playfully urging a hasty unveiling. For instance, our specialty translucent envelopes give a slight tease as they hint at the contents while still offering concealment. This style can truly add a unique touch to any sort of delivery. For instance, you might place a characteristic logo or photo just beneath the frosty covering. Or, using large bold letters, print a message that will just peak through the covering. If you're planning on sending a message to a friend or loved one, don't settle for a passive delivery slip! The creative options available through our cardstock and envelopes can make correspondence an even more delightful activity for both sender and receiver. We have many different varieties such as mini envelopes, colored envelopes textured and more. Thanks for stopping by.

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