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The shape of things: square envelope

Square EnvelopeFor the longest time, many artists and designers swore by the creative rule of contrast or asymmetry - some still do with the business envelope. Perfect circles were out, even angles considered boring and matching anything was a definite no-no. But, as rules often do, these beliefs have changed.

Hence, the ever increasing popularity of the square envelope. In a world where standard rectangles are the norm, four even sides stand out in a big way for a personal or advertising mailing. Envelope shape, color, size and material all influence how much that mailer distinguishes itself from the pack. The crisp edge of a beautifully tinted, squared mailer will likely peek out from the stack and grab the attention you desire. And, in this day and age when several, even dozens, of card envelopes are deposited in mailboxes daily, one can't afford not to grab attention in every way possible. Buy your wholesale envelopes in bulk with us!

Mailing envelope saves time, aggravation

Mailing EnvelopeSave time, money and aggravation - time is far better spent on other, more meaningful business tasks.

At, we offer a number of attractive and secure options in our mailing envelope line. Shop around for detailed descriptions of cardboard and corrugated mailers in several sizes:

  • 6" x 6" square envelope in cardboard
  • 6" x 8" up to 11" x 13-1/2" rectangular MailJacket paperboard
  • 8" x 10" up to 16" x 21" expandable, corrugated mailers

Browse our other departments for a complete description of several mailing options. Plus, ask us about our bulk order discounts.

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