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Create your image with business card paper and envelopes

Business card paper lets you make your own

Business Card PaperBy creating your own correspondenceyou are saving money and time in the business world. You need to make sure you have the right color, texture and weight of cardstock, then use computer software to create professional looking documents. Simply follow these steps for professional paper, envelope and cards. First, don't include too much information. Your company name or logo and contact information is plenty on small cards. We have business card paper in a variety of colors and cardstock. Second, include the logo on letterhead. This can be centered or placed on one side or the other, some logos can also be phantom printed over the page. Third, on return business envelopes, have your address printed. This is one less step your customers will need to do, making it quick and easy to return correspondence, bills and information to you.

Business envelopes in many colors

Business EnvelopesIn addition to computers and mechanics, you also need professional looking letterhead and envelopes for your comapny. You wouldn't skimp on computers, but you do want the best deal. The same goes with papers. Even if you are on a strict budget we can help. We have business envelopes in a variety of sizes and styles. For return letters or bills, the standard No. 10 work best. For returning R.S.V.P. or similar papers smaller, square envelope will work best. You can also create professional business card. Paper for flat or folded cards is the best choice. Using a white background is the traditional choice, however if you want the cards to stand out consider using a light, soothing color or a metallic paper. This will bring attention to your cards. Shop for specialty cardstock, paper, envelopes and more with us!

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