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Find specialty cardstock for less

Specialty Cardstock

The advantages of buying your own linen paper, cardstock and envelopes are innumerable. Decide exactly how your invitations or announcements will look and feel for special days. From picky brides-to-be to selective couples celebrating their anniversary, selecting specialty cardstock is always a winning choice for a beautiful look that will be remembered. Select from classic shades of white: ecru, cream, or eggshell to vibrant iridescent or metallic paper shades of greens, purples, reds and more! By purchasing colored cardstock and envelopes in bulk from us, you'll save money to use on the event you're announcing. Our bulk packages don't come in intimidating high numbers. Save on practical packs, sized for convenience: 12, 25 or 50. Of course, should you need larger packs like 250 or even 1000, we can accommodate your needs, based on the product. There are easy ways to find if we carry what you are looking for. Browse through our selection or type a product name, such as curious paper or wausau paper in our search box for instant results.

Classic cardstock and envelopes

Preferred for it's heavy weight and stiff construction, cardstock paper is a popular selection for party invitations or event announcements. Also known as cover stock or cover paper, cardstock quality is measured in terms of its basis weight. 20" x 26" sheets are weighed in quantities of 500 which then determins its base weight and usually run from 65, 80, 100 to 110 pounds and even much higher than these standard weights. Generally speaking, the heavier the paper or stock, the better, and more expensive it is. Cardstock is considered a classic material for formal announcements; and it's hard to go wrong when selecting colors of specialty cardstock as it looks beautiful any way it's made.

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