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In the past all mailings were sent in a plain white business envelope. When recipients received this style of envelope, they pretty much knew what it was and many times set it aside. While it's still important in today's world, gone are the days when it's the only choice available. It's easy to see with the amount of mail sent every day, that we are overloaded with people needing our attention. And, what do we tend to open first -- the plain white business envelope? Or was it brightly colored or square envelope with a pleasing texture?

If the latter is true, then you know how important it is to set your mailings apart from the rest. Professional mailings begin with the envelope. Think about changing the color or using an unusual shape. Doing this will capture the attention of those that receive it and can make the difference between being read or having it hit the trash. Browse our inventory of styles, colors and sizes from our extensive list of manufacturers and you're sure to find a solution to your needs.

Mailing envelope - not your average

Robert needs to send a set of CDs to 78 music producers around the country. He wants to be sure that his mailing will be noticed by the right people, but has a small budget. What can he do?

Okay, this may sound a bit like your child's homework assignment, but the solution lies elsewhere -- namely, at Placing Robert's CDs in an average mailing envelope won't work. A larger shipping wholesale envelope could work, but wouldn't be cost effective. At we have an envelope for every need to give your mailings the biggest impact for the buck. With wholesale and bulk pricing for larger jobs, you can cut business expenses and stay within that budget!

Capture their attention -- and keep it

Square envelopes are ideal for CDs/DVDs, invitations or announcements, for example. Try choosing a pop of color or even a translucent envelope paired with a colored paper stock from our extensive line of papers for that eye grabbing effect. Or go the extra step with a textured linen envelope. It can make all the difference when trying to capture someone's attention. Whatever the project -- when it comes to choosing a mailing envelope for your wedding invitations or producing a large direct mail project, we've got you covered.

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