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Be environmentally-responsible: Neenah (Wausau) paper

Take the green initiative one step further by choosing to use environmentally-friendly paper and card envelopes! carries bright Neenah paper products, and some of the items are recycled, which means they contain 30% post-consumer recycled fiber.

There are many benefits to buying Neenah, and other, recycled goods. For one, you'll be reducing the amount of trees that need to be cut down. Also, it takes less energy and creates less pollution to produce these goods. For more information on which Neenah items are green, including the linen paper, click on each individual product.

Impress with linen paper

Linen PaperWhen you have an important document to send out, such as a professional resume or memo, you want to be sure to place it on the appropriate paper. Nothing devalues a document faster than having it printed on cheap looking paper, so browse our selection of linen paper to ensure a polished finish. Linen is semi-rough paper meant to emulate the look of linen cloth. It has a textured feel and is commonly used in wedding invitations, report covers and business cards. carries Neenah Royal Linen products. They come in a variety of colors ranging from bright white to black, so you are sure to find a hue that suits your need. In some cases, matching cardstock and envelopes are available, too! With linen products, you are sure to impress whoever receives whatever you choose to print on it.

For more information on recycled products in our inventory, please browse our website or call us at 219-764-1000.

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