Square Envelopes: Pick your size


Square envelopes

Ranging from our smaller 5-inch Square Envelope and larger square.

The quality and unique design of a square envelope can send your most important announcement or simply hold that perfect media or CD - Square envelopes have limitless possibilities. (Always check with your post office for mailing rates, square envelopes are known for incurring additional postal fees.)

Great deals on square envelopes

A square envelope is a definite attention getter. It just refuses to go unnoticed in a stack of standard, business-size mail. When you want to convey that your message is unique or important, these items accomplish that perfectly. Our selection is outstanding, so you can find the perfect fit for your mailing. For example, we have square envelopes in a range of sizes from approximately five inches to nine inches in length and width. You probably expect to pay a premium for such choice, but at paper-papers.com, our prices remain affordable even for specialty paper items. In addition to your choice of sizes, you'll be pleased with the range of quantities that we have available. For a small party or targeted announcement, you may need only twenty-five square envelopes. We can do that. For a much larger mailing, you may want to buy in bulk to save even more. We can do that, too. We are here to be your online paper supplier, so spend a few minutes today browsing the selection at paper-papers.com, or call us to find out how we can help you with your needs.

Square envelope: pick your color

In addition to its unique shape, think about how color can add punch and pizzazz to your square envelope. Pick something vibrant or pick something more reserved, but either way you'll attract the attention of all recipients. Whether you are interested in blue, black, green, yellow, or even iridescent, translucent, or metallic, we have the square envelopes that will be just right for you. The best part is that you'll still get our great prices on every purchase.